Is it appropriate to give gifts to customers?

Also known as the art of gifting, the practice of giving gifts to your customers and prospects can help increase sales and open surprising new doors. However, there's a reason we call it gift-giving art: Gift-giving is a smart business strategy, since the right gift will help you focus exactly where you want it to be. While sending a gift to your customers seems like a great idea morally, it also has other benefits. Spend the extra money you would have spent on gifts, making your services invaluable to them and creating a wonderful customer experience.

However, if there is no no-gift policy, this is our honest opinion on customer giveaways. In most corporate cultures, giving gifts is important, whether you want to recognize a loyal customer, appreciate a hard-working employee or partner supplier, improve the relationship between you and your customer, or connect with a potential customer. If you don't have access to one or your company's handbook isn't about gift giving, take your question directly to HR. As the busiest shopping season of the year approaches, business gifts may not be at the top of your list, but they should still be on your mind.

While it's usually considered that the best time to send a free gift or content to your customer or a supplier is before the start of a holiday or holiday season, it's always the right time to send them a token of appreciation. Gifts should not only be personal and memorable, but they should also be presented well with a quality box and packaging. Holiday gifts account for happier customers and business prospects, and happier customers mean better opportunities to positively drive your business forward. There are many instances in the business world where gifts are appropriate, welcome, and even expected.

As a tradition, both inside and outside of business, giving strengthens partnerships and creates positive connections between organizations, customers and employees. For promotional gifts, adding your brand logo or contact information to gifts sent to your customers helps spread the word about your business. Usually, if you're shopping for just one person and they're not your boss, you should give the gift to the person in your spare time.