What is a good gift in singapore?

Singapore's Best Souvenirs and Gifts Traditional Peranakan Pottery. Snacks that remind you of Singapore. Bracelets that show the city. Although Health Minister Ong Ye Kung said on March 9 that the current Omicron wave in Singapore has peaked and that the number of infections is declining, we are still seeing extremely high numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Tea is great for a sore throat, but tea is also something very personal for many. If you don't know what to give your loved one with Covid-19, why not opt for the Amuse Project DIY Tea %26 botanical mix box?. Box comes with lemon geranium hand sanitizer from Hush, You, c1000 lemon and orange vitamin drinks, mini dried flowers and healthy snacks such as Water Lily Pops and Amazing Grace's Pandan Coconut Nut Mix. It's important to eat healthy while you recover from Covid-19, but it can be difficult when you can't go shopping and when you probably don't have a lot of energy to cook.

Lush Platters offers a multitude of different ready-to-eat dishes including artisanal cheese, charcuterie, crackers, home-roasted nuts, fruit, cold cuts and more. There are even vegan and vegetarian options available. There's nothing worse than being stuck at home and feeling hungry, but having nothing to eat. If you are looking to increase the quarantine of a loved one due to Covid-19, why not provide them with some healthy snacks to keep them full?.

Boxgreen premium gift boxes come with 12 healthy, portioned snacks you can choose from, as well as delicious ground nut butter from their collection. It's the perfect gift for someone who is sick at home. Tea is always a good idea when you're sick, and if you're looking for something simple but good, T2's customizable gift packages are fantastic options to send to a loved one. While T2 has plenty of gift box options, we highly recommend their six-tea boxes, which you can fully customize to the recipient's liking.

The condiments come packaged in a beautiful gift box and with a personalized gift card of up to 75 words. You can place your orders by adding the four condiments to the cart online or by email. What's better than a perfume? One that is customized to your liking. If you want to send your loved one a dose of aromatherapy but aren't sure what they like, Maison 21G has a gift service that allows you to send your recipient an e-gift card.

They can then use the gift card to customize their bespoke perfume based on their personality or preferences, and the tailor-made perfume will be delivered to their door. Do you miss breaking a cold one with your friends? Send them a box of beer and drink at a virtual meeting on Houseparty or at a Netflix party. The 1925 Brewing Co Local Brewery. It continues to offer its unique, locally-inspired beers in a single bottle, six-pack or 24-pack.

Available at The 1925 Brewing Co. If there's one thing Singapore is known for, it's our signature coconut jam. Made with coconut milk and eggs, this jam (known locally as kaya) is a classic variety of choice for locals, especially on toast. This sweet spread often hits the spot for Singaporeans, and if it does it for you too, you should definitely buy a jar again.

The white rabbit candy may have originated in Shanghai, but it gained so much popularity among locals in the early 80s and 90s that it has now become a classic childhood candy for most. In fact, white rabbit candy has returned by appearing as foods such as white rabbit bubble tea and white rabbit cake roll. Get this creamy and milky candy in most supermarkets and you'll understand why it's so popular. Another candy that should be on your Singapore souvenir list is durian candy.

This tropical fruit can only be found in Southeast Asia and has quickly become a staple food and a symbol of pride for most Singaporeans. The local art center, Esplanade, even has an architectural structure that resembles Durian fruit. There are no words to describe how obsessed Singaporeans are with salted eggs. A savory egg-flavored snack that has been gaining popularity among locals is salted egg fish skin, because why not? Although bak kwa is most popular when the Chinese New Year arrives, it is a delicacy that many enjoy throughout the year.

Bak kwa is a type of dry roasted pork with a beautiful mix of sweet and savory flavors. Although bak kwa is a traditional Chinese snack, Singaporeans have made it their own by grilling meat over charcoal instead of drying it outdoors. This gives Singapore's bak kwa a smokier flavor. What better way to honor the culture that Kaya gave us than to buy a kebaya as a souvenir? Whether you buy it for yourself or someone else, a kebaya is a great traditional gift that represents the beautiful Peranakan culture.

Although the kebaya is a traditional Indonesian costume, the Peranakan kebaya varies in terms of the use of Chinese silk and handmade beaded shoes. In this way, the Peranakan kebaya wonderfully shows that the mixture of Chinese and Malay ethnicities is the birth of this same culture. Restaurants, bars, fashion, style and things to do in Singapore. Do you want to help a loved one de-stress? Turn to Mira Singapore gift sets that encourage me to have time for a relaxing relaxation session.

This concept lifestyle store curates natural and artisanal products, made with organic ingredients. Think wonderfully scented soaps that contain pure essential oils and botanicals that are relaxing and respectful of the planet at the same time. Floral studio and social enterprise create impressive gifts on a regular basis. Just check out the dome gift sets that highlight beautiful flowers and other features like Bluetooth speakers, photos and key rings.

We also love the selection of lifestyle gifts, including diffusers, scented soap bars, essential oils and more, BloomBack, online shopping Benita lives for relaxed days including retail therapy at boutique markets, strolling through nature parks and trying to be artistic in craft workshops. The only marathons he does are on the couch with Netflix and wine. See 270 places to visit in Singapore Compare quotes from up to 3 free travel agencies Language in Singapore - A translation guide to 5 languages of Singapore Top 10 Super Cool %26 Must-See Iconic Buildings in Singapore Top 10 Must-See Islands Top 18 Sunrise %26 Sunset Spots in Singapore Top 10 Fishing Spots in Singapore for Great Fishing Best 5 Star Hotels in Singapore Best 3 Star Hotels in Singapore Best 5 Star Resorts in Singapore. Lillie and Luca is unique among online baby stores, selling both gifts for expectant parents and long-time parents.

There are many companies that offer gift deliveries across the country, but some have a better reputation than others. Printcious may have what you're looking for if you want to make a gift to commemorate your friendship with someone. Their team selects gifts based on the highest standards, ensuring that each item is of the highest quality before being delivered to the recipient. With a passion for providing an alternative option in the floral gift industry, Rainbowly has a team of trained fruit artists who design healthier sweet treats that make beautiful centerpieces.

Singapore-based coffee subscription service Hook offers gift sets for your caffeine-loving friends, whether they prefer their coffee dripped, stovetop brewed, or cold brewed. As one of the best practical housewarming gift ideas in Singapore, this waffle maker comes fully equipped with non-stick coated baking plates and a brushed stainless steel housing. One of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples with children is this cozy Viro sofa bed (available in the official Megafurniture store). If your friends like to eat healthy and maintain overall well-being, they're sure to love the best practical housewarming gifts in Singapore that help with their diets.

In addition to this list of the best housewarming gifts in Singapore for couples, there is this CotonSoft UltraLux pillow (available in the official Jean Perry store). When sending gifts through delivery, you can be sure that the recipient will receive a personalized, unique and personalized gift. One of the best housewarming gift ideas in Singapore has to be aroma diffusers, which can instantly make the living room smell fresh. As one of the best housewarming gift ideas for friends in Singapore, this transparent pot uses sub-irrigation to transport water to the roots of the plant.

You'll find delicious treats and decadent treats galore on this gifting platform, which includes cakes, cheese, tea, flowers, champagne, and cocktails in their baskets. . .